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Provide Training, Business Support Services this is designed to encourage organisations to put the emotional and mental wellbeing of their employees at the forefront of their business. 

Modern working practice means employees no longer go home and switch off for the day. Mobile devices ensure they can access and respond to emails 24/7. The line between work life and personal life is blurry at best so it’s no longer a case of leaving your personal life at home. 

Alongside the increased pressures of work, employees are also working through major life events, such as becoming a parent or experiencing divorce. Often the stress of managing these transitions with the demands of work takes a toll on many employees wellbeing, happiness and performance.


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We have what it takes to help your business prosper.

With over 25 years corporate experience we understand that every individual, department and company is different and with that can come very different challenges.

We work with companies in our consultancy capacity to help our clients bridge very specific gaps in their strategy and structure. That is the gap that traditional departments simply cannot or no longer want to fill whether that be for cost or time efficiency reasons or simply due to lack of in house experience. We are talking about the gaps found in most organisations that usually need added expertise bringing in.


Our company offers a range of services that include training needs analysis, employee engagement services, employee wellbeing, recruitment, bespoke workshops and learning interventions. 


We can provide individual, executive, and group strategy coaching to major blue-chip companies and corporate bodies, all looking to gain that competitive edge in their market place.


Providing a completely transparent and accessible business solution to all of our clients.

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  •       Always provide an outstanding service.
  •       Strive for excellence and deliver beyond our customers’ expectations.


  •       Communicate openly and honestly.
  •       Treat others with respect.
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Providing a completely transparent and accessible business solution to all of our clients.

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Where Are You At On Your Journey?

It’s not about me, the next ‘pay check’ or the next funnel, it’s about what you need and how we deliver that for you right now.


I really enjoyed the workshop with Alison, she provided me with the knowledge and confidence to improve my business profile, all the information was delivered in an excellent manner and in a great informal environment, I look forward to future workshops working with Alison.
Sarah Lee
Alison is an action taker. She's cares so deeply about serving others that she asks the right questions to make the most impact. She isn't the kind of person who will dwell in doubt, confusion, or overwhelm. I'd work with or collaborate with Allison any day over the people who use confusion as a crutch. I love watching her continually grow and help others. Her message and mission are on point.
Lisa Pezik
Global Business Strategist
Alison is one of the nicest people I have met. Everything she does is heart-centred and through her passion to make a difference to her clients. This and her extensive knowledge of business is what makes her stand out. Not only is Alison supporting our future leaders through her company Your Future Self but she is also able to support businesses who want to scale using the skills she has honed over her 25 year corporate career. If you choose to work with Alison as a Business Consultant, you will not be disappointed. Thanks so much for your support over the past 18 months.
Laura moss
Laura Moss Accountancy