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The thought of colleagues experiencing personal tragedy, loss or difficult life changes isn’t something most of us like to dwell on. Whether it’s the loss of a family member, going through a divorce, or diagnosis of a serious illness, the reality is that tragedies happen.

Everyone deals with trauma differently and as such their needs within the workplace differ. Some prefer not to talk about it at all with colleagues or managers, whereas others need a helpful listener or a discreet quite corner where they can shed a tear when it becomes overwhelming. Supporting colleagues through their personal crisis can prove difficult if you don’t have the vocabulary to say what we want or to be able to frame this language for different situations in the workplace. 

Our programmes provide employees and their managers with coping strategies and coaching that advises them on what they can expect before, during and after such events. The coaching services offered vary depending on the client and employer, with sessions ranging from group coaching, workshops, leadership training and one-on-one coaching. Our online courses and workbooks are available for employees that would prefer to work through the learning at their own pace.

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key benefits:

With prospective employees increasingly mindful of which organisations will best support them during these critical time, an effective support network and learning programme can contribute strongly to becoming and remaining an employer brand of choice

key benefits for organisations

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dealing with divorce

According to recent divorce statistics, 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce, so there’s no doubt some of your employees will be affected.

bereavement & illness

You’ll enjoy company growth faster than you expected possible, by streamlining services and features. 


becoming a carer

You’ll enjoy company growth faster than you expected possible, by streamlining services and features. 


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Before, during and after your certification, we’ll work with you to ensure you’re doing everything you can to meet the standards within each category. We will provide a detailed action plan based on existing policy and resources and give feedback on each of the categories which include templates, best practice information, research and much more. You will receive remote support via phone and email to answer questions, provide resources and review evidence throughout the process and for the full 2 years of the Certification.
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